We want your children to be aware of things like housekeeping, being tidy, playing outdoors and basically being free, rather than being stuck inside all the time. We want your children to steer away from technology and teach them about the real-life and outdoors.

We have created a product which will develop your childs skills, inside and outside of the house, it will get them out of the house in a more exciting way, you don’t need to let them out far, just in the comfort of your own garden as we know it is dangerous these days to let your child play in the street (oh like the good old days)

We have created something amazing, it is a Wooden Playhouse, it is a real house to ratio size for children. It has one (or two) floor/s where you can fit in house items such as sofas, tables and chairs. You can also paint the house in modern or vibrant colors and create a garden area for your child and their personal development teaching and including them in activities such as cleaning and gardening to make chores fun.


Get involved in a project your child will never forget. Help your child develop in the safety of your own garden!