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We stock Wooden Playhouses for children

Ok so we've all seen the Wooden Playhouses that are being stocked in places like Wayfair, B&Q, Studio & Wickes, but they all seem to be sold out! Little do you know we have playhouses in stock. Read more to find out where and how...


Why do we sell Wooden Playhouses?

We want your children to be aware of things like housekeeping, being tidy, playing outdoors, and basically being

free, rather than being stuck inside all the time. We want your children to steer away from technology and teach them about real-life and outdoors.

We have created a product that will develop your child's skills, inside and outside of the house. It will get them out of the house in a more exciting way, you don’t need to let them out far, just in the comfort of your own garden as we know it is dangerous these days to let your child play in the street (oh like the good old days)

We have created something amazing, it is a Wooden Playhouse, it is a real house to ratio size for children. It has one (or two) floor/s where you can fit in house items such as sofas, tables, and chairs. You can also paint the house in modern or vibrant colors and create a garden area for your child and their personal development teaching and including them in activities such as cleaning and gardening to make chores fun.

Get involved in a project your child will never forget. Help your child develop in the safety of your own garden!


What are the advantages of having a Wooden Playhouse for your child?

A small investment in your child's future

Enhances child development

Great parent-child involvement project

The child gets their own space for independence and great

The playhouse will be in the comfort of your own private garden

Amazing for playdates!

Will keep your child happy and occupied

Teach your child the importance of things like cleaning and housekeeping

Change it up, paint the playhouse in a modern or vibrant colour!

Keep your child active and healthy and so many more advantages!

Summer is over why shall I buy a playhouse now?

Our Wooden Playhouses are FSC certified product. They are fully weatherproof and non-toxic exterior. The wood is treated and ready to use outside, so no need for you to worry. Have the wooden playhouse ready for your child come rain or shine!

Shop our Wooden Playhouses

We have 8 Wooden Playhouses in stock at the moment, all 8 playhouses are a unique design designed for different types of children and are in different price ranges to suit your budget if you have one! Click the images to see more information or click here to visit our website to shop wooden playhouses

How long is delivery?

Most of our wooden playhouses are available for delivery within 1 week of ordering, the most popular ones are anyway. There are 3 models which take 4-6 weeks for delivery the rest take 1 week.

What about the assembly of the playhouse?

Every wooden playhouse comes with clear, concise, and easy to read instructions. You will need 2 adults when assembling. We do have our own bespoke service for assembly which is an all-inclusive charge of £225. You do need to be within 25 miles of Manchester though.

Why buy from us here at Samek Furniture?

We pride ourselves on our bespoke and high-quality products and at the best price. We are a reputable online furniture shop with 4.5 stars on Google with 100+ reviews. We have a showroom in the making and we are based in Failsworth, Manchester.

Parents are loving our playhouses:

Highly recommend!! Just about finished painting the beautiful playhouse for my son he can't wait to get in with all his toys!! Thank you very much we are very happy 😃 - Katie Arthurs from Google Reviews
Arrived quickly, good quality and good customer service, can't fault them - Sarah Robb from Google Reviews
Perfect experience great communication and service , our driver was very friendly. Brilliant value for money - Chris Charlesworth from Google Reviews

See them more Google reviews for Samek Furniture here

To see more of our products ask a question, head over to our website www.samekfurniture.co.uk

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