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Investing in your childs development skills is important

So, ever wondered why the children of today are different to us (I grew up in the 90's). Well you're not the only one.

The main reason I ask is as a child I lived a free life. I went to school, came home, played outside, came in for tea, went back outside again. I played knock door run with my friends, fell a couple of times and my friends patched me up whiles playing 'doctor'. I didn't get called in until around 10pm, went to bed and did the same again the next day. I had fun, I learnt a lot of things playing outside with my friends.

I gained confidence around friends, gained plenty of independence and most importantly learnt how to fend for myself.

Now, look at the children of today, sat at home on their PS4 or IPads, no connection with the outside world at all, even more over the past few months due to the virus. You think this is good? Dark circles around the eyes, hunched backs from sitting in one place, overweight due to lack of exercise, nothing resembling a child... why is this? Why are we allowing this to happen? We need to put an end to this right here.

To the actual point now, we here at Samek Furniture have created a range of childrens wooden playhouses, Happy Playhomes (@happyplayhomes instagram - check us out) the reason behind creating this is to get children outside again, we want children to live free and happy like I did growing up. We know the streets are more dangerous now than they used to be, so the playhouses we have created can be built in the comfort of your own garden. It is a sanctuary for your child to develop their skills, have a little independance and learn the basis of things like housekeeping and cleaning. What is more exciting than this?

We have kept the prices for these playhouses as low as possible. The prices start from £499.99. See pictures of our best sellers below

Visit us on https://www.samekfurniture.co.uk/wooden-playhouses-1 to see our whole range of Wooden Playhouses. We also provide an Assembly service and delivery service.

Paint your new playhouse whatever colour you like, we like the modern look of grey and white. Decorate the outside with real plants and flowers, put your children furniture for inside the playhouse and have a happy, thriving child on your hands.

For any questions or queries drop us an email on samek.furniture@gmail.com.

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